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Innovation for a World in Motion

There are very special firms in the world: those that have been born to imagine and develop an entirely new solution; ideas and products which are worthy of being called inventions. For these companies the search for innovation is not just a means for competitive advantage or increased profits; its rather the magic that permeates their histories, inspires their managers and fills their workers with pride.

And that creation, far from being just a memorable achievement, turns into a powerful reference point by which all actions are measured against. It is present in every decision and it shapes our dream: VIGIA - VIESA, Innovation for a World in Motion.

Quality, our passion

In a world where innovative ideas can be soon imitated, we realize that uncompromised quality is our differentiating advantage. Each VIGIA Tire Pressure System and VIESA Cab Cooler faces the daily rigor of long distances and long hours of work in all type of roads and weather conditions; form the icy roads of Manitoba, Canada to the extenuating desert of Western Australia. It is there where the quality of the design, components and manufacturing process of each product is tested again and again.

Having our own industrial plant in the same town where the firm was born is a determining factor in the high-level personal commitment of every one of our workers. That is why, every system delivered has a quality beyond what the ISO 9001 certification, the European community standards certification (CEE) and the CE homologation can attest.

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VIGIA-VIESA CANADA is a registered business name of RCR SYSTEMS LIMITED, the Ontario corporation responsible for marketing in Canada the VIGIA tire inflation systems and VIESA cab coolers manufactured by Col-Ven S.A.

With more than 30 years of existence and sales in four continents, Col-Ven S.A. manufactures all VIGIA and VIESA products at its state of the art and vertically integrated facility in the Province of Santa F in Argentina. Col-Ven S.A. is a world leader in automatic tire pressure systems and other safety products for the transportation industry.

VIGIA and VIESA are registered trademarks of Col-Ven S.A.

VIGIA and VIESA are ISO 9001 certified products

All VIGIA and VIESA systems comply with all Canadian regulations

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