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The back-mounted Viesa ecological cab cooler for high roofs.
VIESA Internal II maximizes its cooling performance being mounted at the back of the truckís cab. Away from the sunís rays, VIESA Internal II optimizes cooling conditions so you can operate the system day and night without the need to run the truckís engine.

VIESA Internal II is especially designed for high-roof trucks. VIESA Internal II transforms your cab into a comfortable, quiet environment with lots of fresh and cool air.
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Best Value
Delivers cool air to the cab without running the truckís engine.
Consumes only water and it makes no use of chemical coolants nor emits gases into the atmosphere.
Operates from the truckís existing battery with low amperage draw. The system automatically shuts-off on low battery and incorporates polarity and surge protection.

Best Features
Programmable on-off operation. Automatic operation allows the system to self-adjust to exterior temperature conditions.
Exclusive automatic vent opening and closing system prevents dirt and dust from entering the cab.


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