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VIESA Platinum. The ideal temperature, all the time.

VIESA Platinum is the roof mounted cab cooler that delivers cool air to the truck’s cabin without running the truck’s engine.

VIESA is totally ecological and provides the driver with a healthier rest and comfortable driving condition, increasing driver satisfaction and retention rates.

truck cab cooler

truck air conditioning

Electronic sensors built into the system analyze the exterior temperature, allowing the equipment to automatically adjust fan speed and interior conditions.
There is no need for the driver to wake up to correct the temperature inside the cab.

Small and streamlined design suits most modern cab designs.
Upholstery covers in matching colours.
Ergonomic remote control.

Automatic shut-off on low battery. Polarity and surge protection.
UV resistant materials. Unique anti-spill water system.
Designed and manufactured according to EMC.

Easy to use LCD display with alarm clock. Programmable on-off operation.
Extra silent water pump specially designed for a better rest.

truck cab cooler

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