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Holiday II

VIESA Holiday II, the cooling system of your dreams

With only water and minimal battery consumption, VIESA Holiday II transforms your RV’s interior into a comfortable, quiet environment with lots of fresh and cool air.

• Specific for RVs

• Light and economical

• Silent and efficient

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Inexpensive: doesn’t require a generator
VIESA Holiday II Cooler operates from your RV’s service battery with low amperage draw. Only consumes water and it makes no use of the vehicle’s engine.

Ecological and Healthy
Prevents dirt, dust or pollen from entering your RV. Doesn’t use chemical coolants. Doesn’t emit noxious gases into the atmosphere. Gives your family a healthier rest and comfortable travelling experience.

Temperature drop between 8°C and 15°C depending on ambient humidity. Quiet, silent operation.

Four powerful speeds for day time operation. Four low-noise speeds for night time operation. LCD display with full-function touch-pad controls.
Low maintenance: only the air filter must be replaced once per year.

Turbo fan with 25 speeds. Programmable on-off operation. Ergonomic remote control. Watertight enclosure for Winter season.

Advantages of VIESA Holiday II
Delivers fresh, filtered air. Keeps ambient humidity to a healthier level. Eliminates bad odors and renews the air inside your RV.
The hotter the outside, the more the inside temperature drops. 80% reduction in battery consumption compared to conventional A/C equipment. Easy installation with virtually no maintenance.

Shortcomings of conventional A/C systems
Polluted air inside is recycled. Bad odors remain inside. Doors and windows must be kept closed at all times. Generate very dry air which is a source of respiratory conditions.

When to use VIESA Holiday II
Only in RV’s with a maximum capacity for four adults. Only one VIESA Cooler can be installed per RV.

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