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Automatic Tire Pressure Systems VIGIA

Tire pressure is maintained at a constant, pre-set level while delivering instant, ongoing feedback to the driver. If a tire requires inflation, the driver is alerted via gauges and lights, while the tire is automatically re-inflated.

Now you can concentrate on building your profits while reducing your running costs.
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Worry-free performance in any whether
Vigia is Canada's central tire inflation specialist. Rugged, innovative and steel-tough, this is a system designed to eliminate the tire worries, hassles and costs that truckers face with Canadian roads and seasons.

VIGIA offers different solutions to the trucking industry, including dedicated systems for tractor-trailer combinations, trailer only systems and external or internal system connections. With the new Vigia NM343 you can access information on the status of the Vigia system in real time on any computer or mobile device.

There is always a Vigia system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Proven around the world
Vigia's high quality components are built to last. Vigia is the tire pressure system of choice for durability, safety and reliability. With more than 15 years in Canada and with sales in 20 countries around the world, Vigia stands ready to handle the most strenuous demands in the toughest environments, again and again.

Better tire mileage
Improper inflation accounts for 80% of retread separations, cuts, bruises, flats and blowouts. Underinflation of only 5 PSI reduces tire life by a shocking 25%.

Less down time
VIGIA virtually eliminates the need for costly road service calls and expensive down time. If a tire has been punctured, Vigia will continue to inflate that tire and, at the same time, let the driver know what is happening. He's then aware of the situation and can continue on to his destination or plan to stop for service.

Better fuel economy
For every PSI of underinflation, your vehicle consumes 0.8% more fuel. Talk about giving your budget a boost!

Increased safety
Under inflated tires is a major cause of truck accidents on Canadian highways. Proper inflation is the most important requirement for maximum tire safety. Correct tire pressure provides proper sidewall flexing and safe operating temperature of the tires. Underinflation becomes an especially serious problem when the inside tire of a set of duals begins losing pressure. In some cases, both tires fail with very dangerous consequences.


VIGIA goes further than any tire pressure monitoring device in the market. Monitoring systems inform the driver if tire pressures are low. Now it is up to the driver to do something about it. And even if he is aware of the problem, he may decide to check the problem later or not at all. With a tire punctured, the only option to the driver is to stop and call for an expensive road service.

VIGIA not only informs the driver (and the office) but also automatically and without driver intervention starts to re-inflate the tire or tires in need. Now you are assured that tire problems are detected, informed and resolved automatically and immediately. No driver intervention, no road calls.

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