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VIESA cab coolers deliver cool air to the truck cabin without running the truck's engine. The economical and maintenance-free VIESA cab coolers eliminate idling costs and expensive A/C repairs.

VIESA is the ecological, sensible response to new environmental demands.

The Number one ecological cab cooler that eliminates idling costs.

With more than 50,000 systems sold worldwide, Viesa is the most intelligent way of resting aboard.

The back-mounted Viesa ecological cab cooler for high roofs.

Away from the sun’s rays, VIESA Internal II optimizes cooling conditions so you can operate the system day and night without the need to run the truck’s engine.

This summer work and stay always fresh for only $1800.

The best quality at an unbeatable price.

VIESA Agro is specifically designed and tested to endure the extreme working conditions of agricultural and heavy equipment.

Regardless of season and working conditions, Viesa Agro lets you keep working all day long in a cool, comfortable and controlled environment at a low operational cost.

Viesa Holiday II, the top selling cooler in Europe now in your RV.

With only water and minimal battery consumption, VIESA Holiday II transforms your RV’s interior into a comfortable, quiet environment with lots of fresh and cool air.

Vigia keeps tire pressure automatically...even with a puncture.

Now you can focus on building your profits while reducing your running costs.

Tire pressure is maintained at a constant, pre-set level while delivering instant, ongoing feedback to the driver...and to the office!

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